Blog Entry #4 – Assignment 2

We finished our study tour with the exhibition at MMU university’s E-galley. We all enjoyed the study tour very much and had some amazing experiences with the MMU students. Although [ … ]

Blog Entry #3 – Assignment 2

Over the past few days, we worked on completing the animation and setting up exhibition space. We decided to use the white wall with a projector on top as it [ … ]

Blog Entry #2 – Assignment 2

We spend the past two days working on the storyboard of short animations and drawing assets in Illustrator and Photoshop. Apart from the project, we had two days of workshops [ … ]

Blog Entry #1 – Assignment 2

To begin this assignment, we first concluded the similar thoughts we hand on the topic of City. Main ideas we had in common was city lights, food, and crowds, so [ … ]