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Theo Hassan Blog Post 4

Final Blog.   Friday, the 6th of April was the day of the exhibition in the e-gallery, a showcase of the 2 weeks of collaborative works between the MMU and [ … ]

Theo Hassan-Blog Post 3

Blog Post 3.   2nd of April we came into the E gallery at school and each group picked a spot where they would install their project. After this we [ … ]

Theo Hassan Blog 2

Blog Post 2-Theo Hassan.   Day four in Kl. We headed back to MMU for another day of workshops. The lectures began with Takashi Aiman talking about VJ, are creative [ … ]

Theo Hassan Blog Post #1

Blog Post Theo Hassan.   We arrived to KLIA 2 on the 25th of march in the mid afternoon. Joseph, Yue, Trent, Ming, and I took a ‘family wagon’ taxi [ … ]