Month: March 2018

DMCC Blog 2

For the second half of the week, we continued to fine-tune the original idea. As we were introduced to Resolume Arena during a workshop, we have decided to include its [ … ]

Trent 02

Post Two As we move forward towards first milestone presentation initial research has begun to actualize a midsts pre production. This includes Theo and Joseph pulling data from the Kinect [ … ]

Malaysia – Blog 2

Summary This week was extremely productive and we learnt quickly through professional workshops. There were many guest speakers involved and we learnt practical, theoretical and commercial practice of AR, VJ [ … ]

Blog Entry #2 – Assignment 2

Through the workshops happened on Wednesday and Thursday, we listened to the tips and advice from industry practitioners about digital storytelling, audiovisual, VR, and AR. We were given few class [ … ]

Blog Entry #2 – Assignment 2

We spend the past two days working on the storyboard of short animations and drawing assets in Illustrator and Photoshop. Apart from the project, we had two days of workshops [ … ]

The “Alone” Project

BLOG 2 Developing this project is more challenging than our group had thought. I really thought sound was going to be super easy, since my  specialisation was in this field, [ … ]

Blog Entry 2 – Assignment 2

In order to start generating and solidifying ideas, the Multimedia University organised 2 days of workshops hosted by speakers and lecturers who kindly took time out of their days to [ … ]

DMCC Blog #2

This week, we have had workshop sessions with the Malaysian students revolving around the ideas of digital storytelling, as well as audiovisual mediums and augmented reality. The digital storytelling workshop [ … ]