Month: April 2018

Blog 4 – Malaysia

Summary This week we finally completed our exhibition set up and the final installation was better than we expected. Although we worked on sounds and visuals separately, we brought them all [ … ]

Final Blog

The final day of the study trip arrives and with it, the last-minute struggle to prepare the Display for the public. As usual with projects like this, the preparations and [ … ]

Trent 04

  Concluding our two week study tour from Melbourne to Malaysia we each group installed their project into the Gallery space at MMU, exhibiting for visitors on the day. It [ … ]

Theo Hassan Blog Post 4

Final Blog.   Friday, the 6th of April was the day of the exhibition in the e-gallery, a showcase of the 2 weeks of collaborative works between the MMU and [ … ]

Joseph Callaly Blog Post 4

Prior to presenting we were able to add the finishing touches to the piece which included slight adjustments to both the audio and the video. The audio was extended in [ … ]

Blog Entry #4 – Assignment 2

We finished our study tour with the exhibition at MMU university’s E-galley. We all enjoyed the study tour very much and had some amazing experiences with the MMU students. Although [ … ]

Blog Post Four

The next step in the process was setting up the physical space inside the booth we set up. A huge part of this installation for us was the interactivity between [ … ]