Malaysia – Blog 3


Continuing from last week, we refined and completed the project. As the time was cut short, we made adjustments and simplification of the project. Although some of our ideas were too ambitious, we managed to create a cohesive body of work in the short period of time. This week was mostly about creating deliverables and refining the existing works.

Group Progress

When discussing about further improvements, we can definitely see the potential for a more ambitious direction in the future. Looking forward to the exhibition coming up tomorrow.
Every morning we have a group brief, and each team member worked on their responsibilities independently, and would often check to discuss how to put the ideas together. We looked at our visual and audio workflow from last week and crossed out all the completed tasks – the end goal is definitely acheivable!

Each team members input was important, as we wanted everyone to have a creative force and direction in this project. During the working process, we were giving each other feedback and constructive criticism, and this provided to be very useful as we were able to identify better solutions to the design and create a more cohesive work.
There was a point in the teamwork where there was lacking communication, but we sat down to discuss and quickly identified the issues and resolved them before they became more serious. Afterward, we definitely had a clearer objective and goal to work towards, with new motivation and teamwork to finish the project before the deadline.

My Contribution

As the creative visual lead in the project, I was responsible for contributing and overseeing the direction of the videos and effects. Alongside helping with the looped background video, I also created some videos that overlay onto the background. In this video, I created an alpha channel for the footage I took at Batu Caves – a cultural icon of Malaysia. The transition and symbolism of the smoke are strong in both the foreground and the transition, creating a perfect blend. I took particular attention to create seamless transitions for the beginning and the ending of each overlay clip, as these are non-linear and controlled and triggered by the participants.

Overlap effects

The central theme running through the footage is the cycle of a day – from sunrise to sunset. I realised that some videos had faster pacing than others, so I needed to rearrange these clips to create a better flow. After brainstorming and rearranging the clips, I settled on this flow sequence:

  1. Sunrise – timelapse in KL
  2. Medium pace – both KL and MEL waking up
  3. Fast pace – cities buzzing with energy and people
  4. Medium pace – suburbs of MEL and river cruise of KL
  5. Slow pace – Batu caves and sunset
  6. Sunset – timelapse in MEL
  7. Medium pace – night market and music festival
  8. End – night panorama shot in KL

Adding glitch effects to the drone shots

I was also responsible for colour-correcting all the footage. It was something that I had less experience with but proved to be a good challenge to learn new things and improve my video-editing skills. Some parts were more difficult than others as I worked with footage taken from different cameras, and some even had pre-existing colour corrections.

Colour-correcting the footages

Preparing for the Exhibition

We created posters and prepared the space for the final exhibit which happens on the last day. In order to set up the installation, we discussed various arrangements and settled on a simple yet effective set-up. As projections require a dim room, we selected the corner space with white walls as an ideal projection area. The walls are tiled with large checkered ridges, which coincidentally echoes the theme of “collage” in our installation. The MIDI sound-board is stationed on a taller table, whereas the projector is stowed away from view. The floor space in front of the projector is covered with black cloth, which encourages participants to interact with the prominent object in view – the soundboard.

The Setup

Installation Demo


Looking back at this week, we were able to put together a project from all the footage and recordings that we have compiled. There was a substantial of experimentation and reiteration, especially when the whole team is working on applications that they are not familiar with such as Resolume and Ableton.
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