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Our group is starting to reach the final stages of our project. As you may have guessed we have encountered more challenges we had to face. The sound for our project is almost done all we need to do is activate the triggers on unity.

Ming had the gruelling job of creating the 3D city and looks amazing!

Ming designing the 3D Buildings!

We encountered a few problems in play mode on unity. These problems took about a day to figure out why we could only look up and down in our virtual city. We could not get the viewer to look left and right. This was a major issue because our project as you already might know is a 360° Virtual World. After 6 hours we finally got it working. Ming had to create an empty game object in unity then attach a FPS controller and FPS character to the animated empty game object. Now we can finally look around in our virtual world. We also changed the colour of the building to a neon purple and not just sanded grey to make it more of a cyberpunk feel to it. We will also put in some textures on the buildings and make them more gritty to portray our narration and our storyline.

Afifs Design for 3D City
Design of our Cyberpunk City
(PLAY MODE) Walkthrough of our City

After showing the teachers and mentors our work they seemed very satisfied with the sound. Learning the program Reaper wasn’t as hard as I thought. After watching a few tutorials I had now figured out how to create 3D sound. Even though this work is not a 3D sound yet, I had to use a lot of panning to create sounds that seem like they are moving. Only reason why had to use panning is just because we don’t have the resources available to create the 3D sound here in Malaysia. I will need a bigger audio interface and a lot more speakers to create this as a 5.1 Digital Sound. Once we get back to Melbourne and get to work on the project further, I will be able to do this.

In the soundscape, I had to transform most of the sounds into low frequencies which I had to create by manually deleting all the high ends which took a bit of time but managed to get it done. I could have used a filter to do this but then it wouldn’t be the best quality when listening on high quality headphones.  The reason why I had used low frequencies is because it portrays the feeling of being scared, alone and many other uncomfortable emotions. This works really well with the narrative and also works really well with our cyberpunk themed city. Hopefully other viewers that will view our work will feel what I’m trying to create.

All that needs to be done now with the project is do some finishing touches on the buildings that Ming and Afif had created and also add all the triggers which activate these awesome sounds. Doing the triggers will be easy and we can go about it in two ways. We could either use a collider trigger, so use something like an invisible wall to walk through that activates the trigger and sound or use a timeline trigger and rely on the time. I think using a collider trigger will be much easier and a lot more user friendly when walking through our story.

By Friday all the work should be completed and ready for exhibition! Stay tuned!

Getting ready for our exhibition!
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