Trent 03

Since our first milestone presentation, conversing again with Takashi, installing and setting up the Kinect in the e-gallery we have brought the original group vision very close fruition for the previous three days with has allowed for minute refinements, and allowed our trip to Malacca to be comparatively stress free.


On our second week in Cyberjaya’s MMU we visited the e-galley space and found the space for our installation, requirements fitting the install design, allowing space for the Kinect to operate with the least interference. Mapping off a corner o the gallery space we used materials found in the space, white laminated particle board cubes, stacked to make our tower set for projection mapping. These cubes were also cleaned and edged with white tape to build the aesthetic. Speakers faced into the space and panned left and right to follow the user throughout.  

(Touch Designer workflow map)


(Finding our space in the e-gallery)

(Learning projection mapping in the hotel)

Early visual prototypes by myself were using functions i learned previous for the sake of motion in the scene, but in conversation with Takashi Aiman we found where the visual focus should be and what detracted from the composition. Rather than psychedelic feedback loops the composition i pushed it into a classical, slower composition, allowing the user feedback to become more apparent in the sublet background motion and the brightness setting based on distance.


Jo and myself worked towards the brightness stepping based on distance, the functions we needed were infant of us but took a few leaps n logic and an hour to turn a 0 to 1 float number into an integer where if would ramp up the windows brightness based on the 4 invisible quadrants in the room’s space. This allowed each large step towards the tower to immediately open a new a new window, this being the major visual metaphor combined with the variable sound on 2 axis.



(Mike setting up the installation)

Projection mapping being a skill acquired here for our project i research forums and tutorials finding an building tool called Katan mapped allowing the video composition to deform to the model of the tower for a range of perspectives, and being troubleshooting the masking of the projector stopping light from bouncing onto walls behind, especially other groups projects.


With the installation near completion problems we have now are to be solved in our next installation back in melbourne, while extending the the project to include all four sides of the tower and shaping purpose the narrative to justify complex visuals, the only jarring feature we have today is a lack of awareness of multiple users and how transitions sound when they exit the space. This may be solved by building more complex OSC messages and deconstructing them in Ableton and Touch Designer to quiet the space and build an inviting ambiance.          


(Distance linked with visuals and sound)

Ending the week we visited historic sites around Malacca including the Chinese museum and the buddhist temple. Here while a very touristy town we gained an insight into the formation and diversity of Malaysia’s as it’s oldest city and earliest hub for religion and ethnicity during foundation. Ending the day with dinner as a class. Here we gather new stills for our project and refined concepts we would bring to Melbourne and prepare to enter into Emerging artist award via FourtyFive Downstairs.







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