Theo Hassan-Blog Post 3

Blog Post 3.


2nd of April we came into the E gallery at school and each group picked a spot where they would install their project. After this we had a milestone where we showed examples of our work and had the opportunity to get some feedback from our lecturers. We were fairly on track at this point, and the feedback we got was mostly positive. We had complied our footage, finished most of the musical composition, and were ready to start projecting onto the tower, and incorporate the interactive side of the project using the Kinect. We headed back to the hotel, where the Kinect and the sound system were set up. We then spent the entire night locked in our hotel room, trying program after program to get the Kinect to send midi messages to Ableton. What we had to end up doing was to use Max MSP to send OSC messages to Ableton and the find a Max for live program to convert OSC messages into the MIDI that we can then map to parameters inside Ableton.


Tuesday, the 3rd of April was the day to install the tower. Having picked out our spot in the E Gallery the day before, we put the tower together, and began projection mapping. After the night before we were hoping for a day of smooth sailing and despite a few minor issues, we had the work up and running. We were all very happy with the outcome, and proud of what we had been able to put together in a relatively short space of time. Barring a few hours of stress wondering if we could actually make the piece interactive, the piece came together like clockwork. Each member of the team had a set of skills complimenting the other, and the division of work was such that no one member had far too much piled up onto them. While our work initially seemed like a huge amount of work, organisation and good work ethic allowed us to finish up with a few days to spare, giving us the time to refine and tune the sound and visuals.


Wednesday we were off to Melaka, a town on the coast, for a day trip. Melaka was colonised by the Portuguese and we visited an old church on a hill. The Japanese also seized Melaka during WW2 because of its strategic importance, as it was the key shipping port for Malaysia at the time. We took a cruise up the river, and had a lovely dinner before hopping back on the bus.


Thursday was a tweaking and refining day for Trentos, Joe and I. We added futher layers of interactivity and complexity to the sound and developed the visuals until we thought we could do no more, without falling into the trap of just messing up a nearly finished project. We prepped everything for the exhibition and were looking forward to hearing everyone’s reactions tomorrow, as well as seeing the completed projects of the other 3 groups.

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