Blog Entry #3 – Assignment 2

For this week, we are all busy compiling the assets needed for the animation such as the sound editing (we cut it to 1 min 40 sec which originally a 4 minutes music from Vlado), painting backgrounds and drawing side characters for few scenes.

Roles in the Group

I am in charge of the paintings and illustrations, Nina is mainly in charge of animating the assets and Siti is the side character designer. Nina helped me with some of the illustrations of the background while I helped her with some of the animations. Siti is working alone as there are just 3-5 scenes that require side characters.


I’ve finished and shared to teammates the background painting that is needed for the animation, such as the full aquarium scene, the aquarium zoomed scene, cliff scene, flinders station, monorail scene, pavilion scene, pedestrian crossing road scene, sea water, KL twin tower, taxi scene. Nina helped me with the sushi train scene, Eureka tower, and window scene. Siti was doing the umbrella character, jumping road characters, the crowds and the waiter who poured a lemon juice.

We’ve just finished compiling those assets on Monday and Nina started the animation since then. I finished editing the music from Vlado’s to 1 minute 40 seconds. The program I used for cutting is Adobe Audition. After Effect could cut music too but then it won’t be as precise as the sound-editing program.

I helped Nina with the crowd waiting in the monorail animation, the sushi train animation where food from KL changed to food from Melbourne after passing the center point, the raining scene where a girl tried to protect user from the rain, the waiter spilling the juice on user scene, and the peeking the window scene.

We set up the project space together with Yue, Sam and Afif. Thanks to their help, we managed to finish setting up space within few hours. We started from choosing the suitable project space; set the position of the mirror and the white wall and hanging the curtain with cable ties around our space. This took us quite a while since we didn’t have cable ties at first and need to go out to purchase it. And the project space is really tall, Nina needs to climb up to the stair to hang the curtains, and I’m in charge of connecting the side curtain to another so it won’t open up. In projection, light needs to be as dim as possible so the projection will be clear. So we tried to minimalize the amount of light that penetrates from the window to the project space. After we have taken care of the curtain, we proceed to hang the lights on the ceilings and testing the height of the center point of projection. Center point of the projection is really important, as that is an indication where the user should stand and the animation revolves around the center point.

Nina and I both realized that we took quite a long time to do the animation. Yesterday, Nina has only completed 45 seconds of the animation and haven’t included the animation scenes I did. And we didn’t predict that we would miss a day without doing the assignment because of a trip to Melaka. Fortunately, Nina has completed and compiled all the animation today, and we managed to test it out in the project space. I’ve also finished the video documentation for the milestone 3 and Siti is still doing the poster design.


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