Blog Post 3 – Mingyuan Zhang

“For this week, Oculus did not work, Unity keeps crushing, I am angry and upset, cough cough.” Thanks, Liping 🙂


We went to Melaka on Wednesday. It was a great trip. A significant difference with Kuala Lumpur and Cyberjaya. Melaka has typical Asian features, the buildings reflect the history and culture of Malaysia. We went to a story hall about Chinese migrant histories. It was a fresh experience and we really enjoyed Sam’s storytelling project. We did not go to the temple. But we had a walk around the street and rest in a small Cafe. We experienced tropical Asian lifestyle. And the dinner was great.


For the project, we are going to put the scene together and drop audio files into the scene. Vlado separated the triggered sound effects from the original audio file. They are going to be triggered when the viewer arrives certain point on the street.


I made more modelings featuring the buildings we see around Cyberjaya and Kuala Lumpur. They mainly made with Cinema 4D. Compare to MAYA, it has more simple and easy to use interface.

This model is inspired by a building we see in Kuala Lumpur during the night out. We can see buildings with a similar style all around Kuala Lumpur city. Malaysia has an extremely diverse culture. We can see old vintage houses.And there are futuristic high-tech style buildings only a few blocks away.

I rearranged the buildings so that the viewer will not be walking through a straight line which will be a boring experience. I put roads and street lights and etc. into the scene.


I lowered the intensity of lights and adjusted the colors so that they have more cyberpunk and abandonment looking.



I put Unity built-in emissive materials to some of the buildings. Just to add more dynamic to the scene.

When we move to the development stage. There is this major change in the project. For better performance, we wanted to use oculus rift to experience the soundscape. But it does not work with Unity and Mac. “Virtual Reality Oculus SDK cannot be initialized”. And the plug-ins cannot be loaded also. After few hours of struggles and kind helps from lecturers and classmate, we still cannot get it working. We have to give up on Oculus Rift and build the project as 360 VR video. And use Merge VR to view it. If the 360 build is not working too. We are going to project the video on the wall as a plain video.


We need to make a video of our working process. Thanks to Afif’s amazing cinemaphotography and Ira’s great editing skills. We having a documentary style video to present to the audiences. Vlado added a great background music with it, too. Our concept poster is made by Afif and Vlado.


As the final installation approaches. Problems left unresolved in Kuala Lumpur will be solved in Melbourne. These include Neon-lights, more details of models and a working VR headset.


After much trouble shootings and research on the internet. It was incredibly difficult to use if not impossible to use the DK2 as we wish to use other features stand in Unity today: post-processing, prefab interactions.

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