Blog Entry #3 – Assignment 2

Over the past few days, we worked on completing the animation and setting up exhibition space. We decided to use the white wall with a projector on top as it was easy to set up and had space for us to stand the mirror. But as the projector projects from the top, the projection will be distorted if we tried to cover from head to toe. Therefore, we decided to keep only the animations that interact with the upper body, scenes we deleted include dog running around the audience, cars beeping at the audience at crossing audience.

To achieve a dark, closed room, we hanged black curtains around the presentation space to form a closed rig, this allows the audience to focus on the projection and fairy lights. With the help of Samson and Afif, we were able to decorate the space to our concept, to make an area for the mirror, Samson and Afif helped us to move the wall and projector around. Mrs. Forest kindly lent us her whole body mirror, we leaned it against a stand to reflect the audience and the whole projection.

Our concept was to use fairy light to recreate city light, and by using the mirror, the audience can take selfies with the projection. I think overall it worked out very well, the fairy lights made the dark space look entertaining while not overtaking projection. At first, we decided to use red and black tone for Australia, and yellow and pink tone for Malaysia to show the difference. Although as we painted we added more colors and color decision for two locations was mixed, I think it still worked well and by using popular locations, the audience will be able to recognize between the two.

To divide the group work, I mostly focused on animating in after effects, while Winnie painting most of the backgrounds and Sity drawing all the characters. I was not familiar with the scene to scene transition and camera movements and watched a few YouTube tutorials to learn smooth transitions. I made adjustment layers for rotation transition, zoom transition, blur transition and slide transition, once these were done, I was able to copy and paste them into other transition scenes.  Another effect that I used was the cc kaleidoscope effect, I thought that kaleidoscope effect would look very entertaining when projected on people and is also a nice way to end our video.

Although Vlado kindly offered us to use his music, the song was around 4 minutes long, and Winnie uses Adobe audition to cut the music to 1minut 40-second length. While making the animation, I tried to make the motion graphic and visuals move with to the rhythm. I found that to make it look synchronized, the visual has to happen few frames before the beat, or else it would be less effective.

After setting up the presentation space, we took an average height to use as the center point, as this will be presented in Malaysia, we adjusted the height to around 160cm, which fitted most of the Malaysian students. Setting up the presentation space was a very fun experience, as I’ve never had the chance to exhibit works in a space like this. Finding the right materials, stitching cloths to fit the presentation space, and seeing the reaction of classmates was all an unforgettable experience.

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