Blog Entry #4 – Assignment 2

The exhibition in MMU University’s E-gallery officially ended the study tour. Through this study tour, we experienced a lot of hardships but also lots of fun. Every student participated in the study tour has sacrificed their mid-semester break to come to the university to complete the final product for the exhibition. Students from RMIT and MMU came up with ideas that they like and the sky is the limit. The final product proved that we really push ourselves until the last minute before the exhibition started.

Through the exhibitions, a lot of mentors that observe us throughout the study tour came visit to our project space. Our team has given a brief explanation of the project before letting them try the final product. They were all pleased to see the final product and gave us a very kind compliment about how they liked the paintings, characters and how vibrant the colors are. A lecturer also said the project space set up is beautiful.

We also received questions and feedbacks about why we decided to do this instead of projection mapping or other installation and how we want to improve this project in the future. We were planning to include the motion sensor that could detect user’s hand movement in order to interact with the animation. Or another alternative is to use Kinect to detect user’s position and let the animation still revolves around the user even if they change position. Dr. Lim gave us an example of an inspirational video that shows how the projection only projects on user’s body. But he did emphasize that 2 weeks won’t be enough to complete that kind of project and he’s pleased that we focused on graphics instead of insisting a very complicated project for this 2 weeks collaboration. Nina and I were thinking to consider that idea for the future improvement of the project that will be exhibited in Melbourne.

I’ve tried and visited my classmates’ exhibition product, and it was really interesting and fun. Because there’s no limit and no concept has been given and telling us what to do, we can freely develop our idea. The 2 weeks time limit is really painful that we barely have enough sleep. But the whole collaboration is really fun, I’ve experienced a lot of new things I never experienced and would love to join this kind of study tour if there’s chance in the future

Setting up the exhibition was a lot of fun and while removing the properties we’ve set up from the exhibition gives a very weird and sad feeling. Doing an exhibition was really tiring and setting up the properties weren’t easy. But then it motivates us to really do the best of the final output, as it will be shown to lots of people that attend the gallery. It’s really exciting too to hear opinions from people about the product we’ve put so many efforts on. Lecturers from MMU University are also very nice to us and even treated us Starbucks coffee and durian. It felt so heartwarming that they were treating us kindly like their own students and interested to know how is the study life at RMIT University. I would like to use this opportunity to thank all people who’ve made the study tour happen and let me learn also enjoy the study tour period very fully.

Interesting looking Melaka’s shoe store.

Tea time hotspot… during a very long period.
With MMU’s team mate, Siti!
Dr forest treat us starbucks!
Melaka’s chicken rice.
Durian! Dr Forest’s treat.
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