Exhibition Day


This is the final blog of the trip! I would really like to say our project went smoothly and overcame all the challenges that presented themselves to us but that would be a lie. Almost everything went wrong the night before our showcase. Oculus Rift decided not to work at all so we had to scale it back to a google cardboard, which caused a lot of issues for our group. Reason why we couldn’t use the Oculus Rift is unexplainable. It just wouldn’t want to work. We had help from our mentors and teachers, changed computers from Mac to PC and Unity still did not want to accept the Oculus Rift. This was only the start to our stressful night ahead.

About 50% of the buildings that we had designed for our virtual city had to be deleted because of post proccessing issues. Since we had to run VR through my Android mobile device the frame rate was less than optimal than the 60 fps required to run VR. Meanwhile when making these changes we had to also change the colour of our city, duplicate same buildings and create a timeline for the user to view. This got rid of all our collider triggers which made everything so much more difficult and less interactive. We then had stayed up all night with no sleep to try sort out all the issues we had. While trying to work on these issues Unity had to crash a few times also which got us very agitated and afraid that we wouldn’t be able to complete our project in time. A big special thanks to Trent who helped us in our time of need. His background knowledge of unity had helped us out a lot. If it wasn’t for Trent there would be no work to present at the exhibition.

Working all night to fix problems!


It wasn’t till about 1 pm on exhibition day that we had a rough project to present. Even then we were not satisfied. When viewing our project the user seemed to be floating in the sky and sound was all messed up. The viewer camera was so up high and being unity we couldn’t seem to fix this in time. When we tried Unity decided to crash once again.

1 Hour before exhibiton

With sound, since I only used panning in our soundscape (because couldn’t do 3D sound with available equipment) each way you turned it would would only play out of one side of the headphones instead of both. This was also caused by Unity’s 3D sound function. Either way this project had seemed doomed.

Once the showcase started we were so worried what the mentors and teachers had thought of our work. Biting our fingernails throughout the whole day just so anxious. In the end we got great feedback and they gave us insights on what we should do and what we can change for the future. The mentors and faculty from MMU told us we had done a good job in the amount of time and resources that were given to us. Which was kind of a breath of fresh air but as a group we really weren’t that happy with our overall project. Being an artist we sometimes want our work to be perfect before showcasing it to the world.  We really didn’t expect the amount of challenges we had to face. In the end we still came up with what I think was a decent job after no sleep, lots of stress and a high level of anxiety.

Our Concept

I am definitely excited and happy to come back to Melbourne and to finish off this project. Our group will still keep in touch over social media and work through to finish this challenging project we have chosen. Big thank you to MMU for looking after us and taking time out of their lives to collaborate on such a wonderful opportunity. Another big thank you to Li Ping for organising such a wonderful trip and hopefully next time around the kids from Malaysia can come to visit us and work on plenty more exciting and challenging projects!

Big Thank you to Li Ping
Going to miss these guys!
MMU Students


Farewell Malaysia it was great and an unforgettable experience.

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