Blog 4 – Malaysia


This week we finally completed our exhibition set up and the final installation was better than we expected. Although we worked on sounds and visuals separately, we brought them all together before the exhibition for a test run. This allowed us time to minor adjustments to the visuals and audio to create a cohesive piece.
Close-up of MIDI Set-Up

Group Progress

Overall the group was very productive and we worked independently and communicated well. Although there were some minor hiccups in our progress, we were able to move forward without much delay. This experience definitely allowed me to build on my soft skills, as we worked in a relatively large team compared to other groups and I was leading the creative visual aspect of the project.
I also built upon my technical skills such as the use of Adobe premiere pro and after effects, both of which I am only intermediate skilled in. It was a great experience stepping out of my comfort zone and not using what I am familiar with. Through this I learnt that although sometimes creative ideas are constrained by what skills you have, but you can expand its potential by the skills you are capable of learning.

My Contribution


One of the challenges in the video editing process is the fact that each video is taken from separate cameras and sources, hence the colour and composition shots are quite different. This caused a lot of editing that was required for each shot to work together and I experimented with different toggles. After viewing it on the projection with visual effects overlay, I devised a more artistic and experimental approach to each shot, and introduced purple haze and other changing effects onto the shots.

In the future I want to experiment more with visual effects and build upon the skills that I have acquired during these two weeks.There is definitely space for further integration with colds and triggers, specially working with adrenal. I also want to focus on the integration with Arduino. If that is not possible, then we would have to switch to unity in order to create an immersive experience.

The Final Installation Set-Up

The Exhibition

Even though I initially removed the shaky camera shots from the composition, they worked surprisingly well with the ambient music and foley. I ended up adding more of the cut footage – sometimes the best things come from accidental experimentation! We received a lot of positive feedback and criticism from fellow classmates and lecturers, as well as MMU staff and students. One of our workshop lectures was a Visual Jockey and he gave us great suggestions such as creating a live performance with the materials that we have.

Participants Interacting with the Installation



This is our first international exchange in our course and I’m so glad that I was able to be part of it. A possible extension of the project is to incorporate Arduino with sensors to activate various sounds and visuals. Another idea is to create an immersive 360° experience with four projections on each wall and surround sound. It’s been an awesome experience to work with a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and skills and I can’t wait to further develop the project when we go back to Melbourne!
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