Blog Entry #4 – Assignment 2

We finished our study tour with the exhibition at MMU university’s E-galley. We all enjoyed the study tour very much and had some amazing experiences with the MMU students. Although we only had three people in our group, we were all satisfied with our end result.

After setting up the exhibition space, we found that the projector has been moved slightly, and our animation was tilted. All our group members were too short and had wait for Samson to come and help us, but as the projector is projecting down, top two corners were always uneven to the bottom two. To solve this unexpected problem, we decided to move the wall that it was projected on to backward, which made the projection bigger so the corners were not noticeable.


Through the exhibition, class members and teachers came to visit our project space, we stayed to give a brief explanation of your project. We were glad to find that not only the audience standing in projection, but others watching also seemed to enjoy the experience. The fairy light and Vlado’s music really filled the space with entertainment.

During the exhibition, we received questions from the Malaysian teachers about why we decided to do have a still video instead of projection mapping, using sensors and how we can improve this in the future. In fact, using motion sensor was our original plan, but as we only had two weeks to work on this assignment, and none of us had experience in making an interactive project, we decided to make a still video for now. When we return to Melbourne, we plan to look into motion sensors to allow the audience to interact with the transition of scenes. Therefore, instead of having camera moment to take the audience through, they can change the animations by moving their hand.  The reason we used fairy light was to mimic how city light and illumination would look from a far distance, shiny and sparking. We also think that the lights made the atmosphere of our space look much entertaining.


Some questions we received from the audience include why we used a certain color, and why we hanged lights on the top. We mainly used yellow to represent Malaysia as it is the color of the star on the flag, and as it is vivid and bright, we hope it will lighten up audience’s mood. To draw contrast from the bright colors of Malaysia, we decided to use red and black to represent Melbourne, thus the audience will know they have switched from scenes.


While watching the audience interact with the animation, I realized some mistakes I have made and will need to change them back in Melbourne. For example, in the last scene, there were two center points that overlapped.  Setting up the exhibition was a very fun experience for me, so was removing these. Reflecting on this study tour I think I have learned many new things and enjoyed the tour very much, I look forward to improving this project back in Melbourne while working with MMU students.



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