Theo Hassan Blog Post 4

Final Blog.


Friday, the 6th of April was the day of the exhibition in the e-gallery, a showcase of the 2 weeks of collaborative works between the MMU and RMIT students. It was a great opportunity to see the other pieces the other students had put together, and to hear feedback on our work. Whilst we were all very happy with the piece, we did identify a number of points, which could definitely use some improvement. One key problem was the Kinect sensor reading multiple bodies in the space. This lead to jumpy audio and glitches in the visuals, and erratic jumping between the people it was reading. We think we can fix this however, by programming the Kinect to just pick up the first person that enters the space and lock onto them. This would mean that people could stand and watch while someone else interacts with the work.

Another issue was the sound within the gallery. The group next to us was playing fairly loud music and another was on the other side of the room. These sounds really conflicted with ours, as it was loud drums blasting across our ambient piece. The day before, where our audio was all that was in the room, the focus on the piece was much stronger, and the entire experience was much better. For the installation in Melbourne we need to figure out a way to better isolate our sound from the other works, especially if we’re all sharing the same space.

We also started thinking about ways to further develop the work back in Melbourne. We have a number of ideas, most of which will depend on the space that we can access. If we can get an isolated space, for example a curtained off part of the room, we would like to make the tower 4 sided, so that you can walk right around, and incorporate a stronger narrative into the piece. This would mean a properly storyboarded and thought out set of videos, with clearer and more defined imagery. We have a number of ideas of we could show more sides to the different floors on our tower, one quick idea I had was to keep the imagery of a high-class life , and for example have images of and I-phone, and then contrast that by showing a sweat shop, or tantalum miners in the Congo. This would involve using sourced footage mixed in with ours, but we definitely need to be using more clear and concise footage for our metaphors. These could appear in a more clear sequence on one side of the tower. For example, from the top floor down, we could have footage of an I-phone, an apple store, a sweatshop, and then a mine in the Congo. This would divert a tiny bit from the concept we have now, talking more about production lines, but its still applicable to the whole theme of wealth inequality.

Overall we were all very pleased with the work, and what we were able to get together in a fairly limited amount of time. The work has many other places it can go, but we will continue to develop it.

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