Blog Entry 4 – Assignment 2

The study tour is officially coming to an end, and this marks as the final blog entry post for the whole experience. To reminisce, we have achieved quite a lot especially with the time frame we were given to produce a quality installation. We only just met our MMU friends 2 weeks ago and to pull off what we have done is already an accomplishment in itself. As a team, we shared and modified our ideas, worked together before and after hours and inspired each other to do well. Looking back, it certainly was a rollercoaster ride but with way more highs than lows because the experience in itself will last a lifetime. Back to the present time: Yesterday, the 6th of Friday was the last presentation/ meeting forever.

Testing / fixing with Akash before installations are open to everyone.

We were not completely finished when we arrived at the e-gallery, so we had to spend the entire morning trying to get our installation together with the final pieces. What was left to do was to edit and colour correct some videos to be used in the background loop, create sticker icons for the MIDI controller so that users can see what they’re pressing and also syncing up the visuals with the sounds. I finished my generative visuals for the most part, so I could help out with whatever was left over. I contributed by drawing on stickers that were yellow so that they would reflect from the light on the projection and hence give an illusion of them glowing. The icons I drew on the stickers correlated with the sounds and visuals that were produced including instruments, national flowers from each country and most importantly the hornbill bird.

Icon stickers I made for the MIDI controller.

Like with everything, nothing is perfect in this world; there were some issues with the installation where a video loop Jolly had edited all morning did not respond to play on the MIDI controller. Hence it did not project onto the wall, we could not figure out the issue as we had run out of time and it was already time to showcase our installation to everyone. Another issue we had encountered was that we did not accomplish more than what we had bargained for a group. However, for what we already have done, I am quite proud of ourselves for pulling off what seemed quite impossible to do in actually less than 2 weeks. We worked well individually and productively as a team and that effectively showed up in our final.

Theo enjoying our installation. (Sorry for vertical video)

As the day comes to an end, so are our installations are as well. We got to showcase our work to the lecturers, classmates and basically to everyone that came by. Seeing everyone’s reaction with interest and being in awe It was quite surreal to be able to see our work come to life from a small screen to be projecting onto a large wall. I also got to try all the other installations produced by our fellow mates and was blown away by the execution and amount of work they put it in.

Our installation poster.

Explaining and giving a demonstration of our installation.

To conclude, the overall experience is something I will never forget. I honestly would have never thought I would ever get the opportunity to come to Malaysia in my life and being able to do is unreal. As for our final projection, I cannot wait to work on it to bring it to its full potential when we get to Melbourne. I have certainly learnt a lot, improved on skills such as using After Effects and create things I would never think I would. Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to come to Malaysia and allowing us to collaborate with our new friends at Multimedia University. Also, big thank you to Li Ping for organising this study trip and for dealing with us for unbelievable 2 weeks!

Thanks Li Ping and MMU!
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