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Concluding our two week study tour from Melbourne to Malaysia we each group installed their project into the Gallery space at MMU, exhibiting for visitors on the day. It was an accomplished feeling as well as joy playing with other groups Audiovisual experiments, each being very novel concept from each other witch was great to see set up across the gallery.

The poster was made using simple clean shapes under a fitting name “Empat Blok” found the night previous to the exhibition. Working over three geometric designs in illustrator i finally found the right spacing for the composition of text and artwork. Isometric blocks both inter and dis-connected with a dashed line piercing each in the center. I build the poster looking to print it for display but missed out on Ah Fei when he printed his group’s graphic poster.        

Setup was very easy as the location was set up previous, quickly plugging in laptops and connecting to the same network. Some time was given to explain our vision and guide people to move around the scene, Other times guiding people away as to not interfere with the motion sensor. Across the day teachers and mentors we met throughout the week came into experience the work we had done, Takashi and others being impressed with the scale of interactivity and mapping to a physical space.     

Problems during the day were  that the Kinects’ range being very wide and losing focus as people would walk past, even a meters past where we marked out the space in some cases. The audio for our install was drowned out at some points from other projects with external speakers, and vise versa, while we were there to change output levels based on times of the day. Most problematic being my laptop going to sleep while i wasn’t in the room to troubleshoot, and my phone running flat without a reliable way to charge it as it was being use to connect the audio and visuals over a WiFi hotspot. Both manageable and can be solved in our Melbourne exhibition, while more thought will be poured into the localization and range of audio and motion sensors.

Technical concepts that were too complex for scope of both installs i will be working towards in my Real Time Programming class when i return include integrating unity, generating 3d scene vignettes that change perspective based on user position and random positioning of objects based on an array of defined positions and looping low poly characters acting out small stories. Time spent in Melbourne on DMCC will be focused on networking messages and projecting across all sides but if it’s possible these projects could converge making something larger and much more generative.

This Digital Media Creative Collaboration has been an incredible opportunity to meet new friends both from MMU and RMIT. Im impressed both in ours but in what the class has delivered in a short amount of time. Developing skills and portfolio items that will accelerate my own growth and learning in the industry.    

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