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The final day of the study trip arrives and with it, the last-minute struggle to prepare the Display for the public. As usual with projects like this, the preparations and modifications continue to be made as problems and inconsistencies appear just before opening time. With this project it was no different.

The group progressed smoothly until the two final days, where a big effort was necessary to bring the quality of the display to the desired level. The final night involved the making and printing of a poster for the exhibition, the production of more visual content for the display, mastering of sound elements and final adjustments on Resolute trigger times.

My contribution to the team these past two days are as follow. I designed the poster with the help of another team member. The poster’s concept was to use the ocean and boat to symbolize the great distances between Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur. The paper boat symbolizes the will of the people to be together despite great distances as well as the culture of art which is a great part of both cultures.

I also produced more musical themes to be added the final project. This included a simple 808 drum beat which was to represent the heart beat of both cities. This was paired with the high-hat like sound of pedestrian crossings from Melbourne produced by another team member.

The second theme was a simple sparse xylophone melody backed by a choir which was a display of the emotions felt in Batu caves, an incredibly surreal awe provided by the grand limestone structure.

The edition of a 5-minute video which demonstrated the creative processes behind the display was also one of my works. This included the edition of footage as well as continuously shooting said footage through out the whole study tour.

The exhibition was overall quite successful, the setup of the installation worked quite well and attracted visitants. The projections were all clear and no real problems with the installation presented themselves.

Although successful, a few points for improvement were found. Firstly, the large amount of noise from the various other displays somewhat lessened the aural impact from the tracks we created. Also, quite a few people didn’t interact enough with the controller and a specialist in the area said that the whole project might be better suited to a performance rather than an interactive display.

In conclusion the whole project was a success. The exhibition was a ran well, the work presented was of high quality, the tutorials were of insightful and the cultural exchange helped me as well as my team member appreciate our structure as well as our team members.

For the continuation of this project the points previously raised will have to be addressed, most importantly, that of the nature of the work. Should we keep the work as an interactive display or transition it to a performance?

Overall, this was a great experience and the study tour as well as the project will remain to be one of the highlights of my university career.

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