Blog Post 4 – Mingyuan Zhang

After two weeks of hard works. We finally put our works on exhibition. It is not a perfect installation. We did everything we can to make it happen. No matter we like it or not, we accept what we have. I did not realize how ambitious our concept is until I spent few nights building up the project with no sleep.



For me it was a great experience. I visualize other people’s idea for living. Ever since I started this part time job as graphic designer. My life is filled with work and classes. I barely have time to even think about what I want to create. This study tour offered me a chance to use all my times and energies to create something. I am always tired and sleepy, I havn’t had a tour around KL or other landmarks. But I enjoy this study tour more than any trips I had before.



Rethink about the project, and the work process. Even I spent sufficient amount of time on it. The outcome is still under exception. My work flow is apparently not efficient enough. I’ve been spending too much time on modeling the buildings. But in the scene, viewers are not going to take a close look at the buildings. And the buildings have too much polygons and they are making the whole scene laggy and have terrible performance. I have to delete almost 3/4 of the buildings. And all the street lights are turned off and post-processing stacks are disabled to smoothen the scene.



Apparently, our device testing is too late. We tested oculus rift only three days before the final exhibition day. And it did not work. Oculus Rift DK2 is not going along with Unity and MAC OS system. Plug-in can not be loaded. We have to build for Google cardboard instead. We definitely not having enough time for testing.



The the installation itself is easy to go. All we need to do is set up monitor and PC and the projector is working. We exported the program to a Sumsung Note 8. Jolly generously borrowed her Merge VR headset to us. Without her help we could not have done this project running.


It is great to see everyone installing their works in the gallery. We are gathering ideas and seeing other people’s works really help us to refine our concept for the Melbourne installation.  Improvements might included

– refining assets less polygons to work on multi-platform from phone to vive allowing share the experience beyond the installation

– beginning a new project file we’ll use a rendering pipeline aimed at phones which will solve issues we encountered.

– Reinstating post processing effects

This is a great experience to collaborate with designers from different culture background. They have been giving fresh ideas and inspirations that we can put in future projects. Traveling around KL Malenca enables to develop friendships. And through these problems we encountered will improve the way I work in the future and help project as I enter the industry.


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