Blog Entry 1 – Assignment 2

The brief requirement for the first integrated university project between RMIT University (Digital Media) and Multimedia University (Faculty of Creative Multimedia) is Digital Storytelling revolving around the key term – City. We are to create a piece of digital media work that relays the relevance of the two cities, Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur. There is a lot of creative freedom in terms of the word City and the type of format for the final product. A strong element that was highly encouraged was to implement cultural background differences between cities. Culture is an important factor as it is a big and influential part of people’s lives.

Working Title of Project

Our team consists of 7 people: Jolly, Akash, Vini, Harith, Naily, Daniel and me. Our project is an interactive installation where the user is able to have full control of sounds and visuals that complement each other. The main concept is going to be a non-linear experience based on the juxtaposition of visuals and soundscapes of Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur. They will be triggered by on screen by a MIDI controller. We hope to achieve a unique experience that allows the audience to observe the emerging cultural cities. Our teammates had a lot of input in terms of their culture and country allowing us to see the fine details in theirs and also in ours. The title we ended up with is “Hearts of Metropolitans” which we believed best represented our project collaboration.

During our first initial stage of planning, we decided on having 4 screens that would put the audience in a completely immersive experience; however, it resulted in only having 1 screen as that would be more realistic in terms of our time constraint. If anything, we can also use the projector to project our work on a wall instead to give it a more organic and rustic experience. In terms of tools and equipment, our installation requires a projector, a Zoom Field recorder, a screen or wall, a MIDI controller, possibly art/craft materials, Ableton Live Suite, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Audition for sound editing and production.

With every project, there will be technical difficulties in the way including the syncing of sound and visuals together, overlapping of visuals upon user triggering, the size of projection for the video as we do not currently know the sizing of the screen we may use or the size of the wall in the “e-gallery”, allowing for a connection between the audio and video itself and creating sound elements that mix together cohesively. As a group, we have listed stretch goals including gathering visuals from Melbourne, actually sourcing high-quality sounds but ultimately to create a visual and audio experience that complement both countries.

The team players doing group work together.

We split the team into subgroups, “Visuals” and “Sound” so that way it is easier for us to use each team player’s ability to the max in their preferred specialised area. The Visual team consists of Jolly, Naily, Daniel and I, while the Sound team consists of Vini, Akash and Harith. As a whole team, we hope to celebrate the two emerging cultures to produce an installation that is appreciative and representative of our cities.


                                                                                 Our first meeting.


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