Blog entry 1 – Assignment 2

First few days in Malaysia, me, Vlado and two local students from Multi Media University formed a team of four. We will be constructing a 360 virtual reality soundscape tour in a cyber city. I will be working on unity development and modeling. Afif will be working on the designing of the scenes. He is a great drawer and graphic designer. Vlado will be doing sound design. Sound plays a significant role in this storytelling project. Ira will be working on the storyline, plot, and process video editing.


When we were brainstorming the ideas around the theme “City.” The word “Lonely” stood out, and it reveals important issues with urban lifestyles. There is a significant amount of people are feeling lonely in big cities. People who live in the city tend to be individualists. They do not interact with each other frequently. But even when friends and families surround them, people can still feel the loneliness. Taking inspiration from the movie “I Am Legend,” “Wall-e” and “Blade Runner 2049”. We decided to develop a story of one character living alone in the city.


The city sets in the future with cyberpunk style. At first several discussion, we want to have massive neon lightings and volumetric fogs to create cyberpunk atmosphere. Considering the devices we have might not have excellent performance on the special effects. We are going to minimalize the models and get rid of unnecessary details.


Concept sketch


After the first workshop on Wednesday. We got more inspirations from the storytelling workshop. We add more details to the storyline we had before. At this stage, we are still working on the storyline first. Once we get the storyline, we can organize the assets list.


Sketch idea 2 for VR project


Sketch Idea 1 for Project


The challenge in this project is the time is short, and we have a very tight schedule. But we will be working together and Vlado will be helping on the development also.



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