Blog Entry #1 – Assignment 2

To begin this assignment, we first concluded the similar thoughts we hand on the topic of City. Main ideas we had in common was city lights, food, and crowds, so we decided to use these as our main concept. We began with the intentions to make an interactive projection evolving some sort of motion sensor such as Xbox kinetic or leap controller, but unfortunately, in our second meeting, we realized one group member has left our group. As we only have two weeks to complete this project, and with only three students, we decided to remove sensors.

We decided to make a standing experience of 2D animation, with the animation projected on to a white wall. The audience will stand in the center of the wall (indicated by a dot), while the animation appears to interact with the audience. The audience will have his or her back to the wall, and view the video from a large mirror placed in front of them.

The main inspiration was from the music video Golden Touch by Japanese music artist Namie Amuro (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_UhKcAy6xc). Instead of a finger, animations will be projected on to the audience to create a greater sense of being emerged and surrounded by the interaction.

As we were all interested in city lights and illumination, we decided to incorporate this as a physical element in our work. We had a lightroom idea inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s lightroom exhibition, but we want the focused to be mainly on the animation rather than the lightroom, we decided to use fewer lights and less mirror. Therefore, light will only act as a background to the video. For the overall aesthetic, we decided to adopt a split complementary color palette that has strong contrast to make the 2d flat art style merge with surrounding LED lights and dark environment.

(Yayoi Kusama’s Lightroom)

(Example of color choice)

(Example of animation style)

For the audience to be able to see the whole animation while facing the wall, they will have to be standing far back, and therefore the center point will be different, and the interactional user experience will be reduced. so we decided to have audience facing the mirror rather than the wall, this will not only allow the audiences to see the whole animation, it will also make it easy to take photos and upload to social media.

Few concepts we will be using for the animations are:

–    A car coming up to the audience, and stops in front of them and beep.

–    A crowd of people walks around the audience.

–    Someone taking a photo of the audience.

One of the main problem we think we will encounter is sound, as all our group members haven’t had much experience in this field. We have not yet decided how we will make the sounds but we want to try constructing something by our self, and ask advice from sound specialists in our class.

As our center point will be the whole body rather than a finger, we will also need to decide how apart the center point needs to be. We will no longer be including sensors; therefore, we can only make an assumption of the average width of our audiences.

Since all our group member was able to do digital painting and use After Effect, we organized the group work by splitting the two-minute video to many short animations, and each coming up with few ideas or scenes that is suitable for the concept.

Future improvements for when we return to Australia is to incorporate some sort of sensor, thus the center point of the animation will move with the audience, or the audience can interact with the animation with a movement.

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