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This study tour is a collaboration between students of Royal Melbourne Institution of Technology and Multi-Media University. On the first day, we quickly exchanged ideas and skillsets in order to find the optimum team. We found a team with complementary ideas and abilities and embarked on the journey of storytelling.

Initial Ideas and Iterations

We started conceptualising by writing down various keywords and an idea started to formulate. The idea started with “concrete jungle” and evolved into the juxtaposition between nature and cities.

Themes and motifs

Initial Idea

I reflected and shared previous works that I have worked on that revolved around the theme of cities, “Coexistence” (link) and “Journey Through the Cities” (link). These works explored similar themes with a combination of traditional and digital media.

We started with the idea of creating an interactive 4-screen surround video with augmented reality support, where the user can explore the installation and discover details by scanning the video projection. However, upon evaluation, the idea was too ambitious and it was reiterated to only have two screens and interaction via soundscape manipulation.




Journey Through The Cities


After further discussions, our project pitch for the milestone presentation is as follows:

A non-linear experience which is based on juxtaposition of the visuals and soundscapes of our two cities. The visuals and sounds will be triggered on screen by a MIDI controller. It allows the audience to experience a unique collage that symbolises Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne.

Working Title of Project

Project Progress

Refining on the idea, we began laying out the structure of the video:

  1. Origin – The history of the land, where the culture began
  2. Nature & City – A juxtaposition of lush green & concrete jungle
  3. Modern & Traditional – How the old influences the new and the human side of the cities
  4. Landscapes – The physical architecture & visuals of cities


The team brainstorming at the apartment

Challenges & Feedback

There are a variety of challenges that we face, from working with limited resources to the cultural sensitiveness of the topic. We work with the skillset and experiences that each member brings forth to the team and adjust accordingly.

In terms of sound design, there will be challenges to sync the sound and video together, and create sound elements that mixes together and is cohesive. The video footage will also be a difficulty as there will be a variety of shots required to create effective juxtaposition of both cities.

There will also be challenges represent each culture properly and avoid sensitive topics. This was addressed as one of the potential issues during the milestone presentation feedback as the Aboriginal music that we used was inappropriate or culturally sensitive and thus we improved upon the idea.


My Contributions

The skills that I can provide to the project is video editing, after effects, traditional drawing and creative visual direction. I will be working closely with the visual team to produce a cohesive visual style.

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