Blog Entry #1 – Assignment 2

The project concept that our team proposed is a standing experience that involving the user to feel that he/she is also a part of the 2d animation that will be projected on a white wall. The target user for this project is 18 – 28 years old. Our group intends to introduce and enable the user to be exposed to the combination of lights, traffics, popular places and food from Melbourne and KL, which is entirely two different countries with a different cultural background. Through this project, the user could be the protagonist that is able to experience both two remarkable cities along with the aesthetics of animation. The duration of the animation is planned to be approximately 2 minutes.

A user is expected to enter a room that is surrounded with mirror and stand in an area in front of the wall that is indicated by a dot and instruction to ask the user to stand in front of it. And then the projector will be placed in front of the user to present the animations on the white wall. The user will be facing front instead of facing the projected wall, as we want the user to really stand in the center of the dot indicated in the video. Instead, the user will be able to enjoy the experience through the standing mirror that will be placed in front of them. The action of the animation will be happening to the user to let the user feel engaged or involved as if they are part of the scene. The room will be decorated either with LED lights or fiber optic lights to emphasize on the metropolitan KL and Melbourne cities that never sleep.

Currently, the story planning is still in progress, and we are coming up with few ideas such as: a car is coming to the direction of the user and honking the user, pedestrians are crossing the street avoiding the area surrounding the user, and someone is trying to take a picture of the user.


The color scheme we intend to approach is split complementary, as it will let one visual stand out but not as messy or loud as complementary color scheme. And the visual style of the animation will 2D flat design with outlines, which is easy in the eyes.

For the sound design, our group decided to create our own sound instead of downloading the royalty free music. But because neither of us has much experience in that area, we aimed to create a simple but yet bouncy type of sound. For now, our main focus is visual and feel of the animation but we will also look for advice from experienced sound designers from another team. The software we will use for the sound design is Adobe Audition.

We actually aimed to incorporate Xbox Kinect to detect user’s body movement. So instead of letting the user to just stand in front of the dot and stay there for 2 minutes, we wanted to detect the user’s width of the body using Kinect, so the animation will always surround him/her even if they change their position. Right now we can only use an indication with the approximate width of the human body. The limitation here is that every user has different width of body size.

Another idea is to experiment with the leap controller; we wanted to let the user to swipe or draw on the screen, to be able to create a transition from KL scenes to Melbourne scenes. But then one of our team members need to leave the group due to unavoidable reason and the time limit for the project is only 2 weeks. Unfortunately, we need to leave the motion sensor or leap controller for the future improvement of the project.


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