Theo Hassan Blog Post #1

Blog Post Theo Hassan.


We arrived to KLIA 2 on the 25th of march in the mid afternoon. Joseph, Yue, Trent, Ming, and I took a ‘family wagon’ taxi to Citidines hotel and checked in. We had a relaxed evening, meeting everyone else and hearing some stories from the others who had arrived a few days earlier.


The next morning after breakfast, we caught our bus to MMU, and met the Malaysian students for the first time. We were asked to write down our abilities, and what we can bring to a group, as well as what skills we were looking for from our other group members. Based on this information we formed groups. I ended up in a group with Joseph, Trent, and Mike. We immediately got to work on our ideas for our project. As a group, we were more or less on the same page with where we wanted to take our project, and after a short discussion we had our basic idea outlined. Mike wanted to do a project that outlines the divide between the rich and poor. We decided on an installation style project, involving projection mapping, and an audio work. We will build a model skyscraper, and use projection mapping to project video works onto the model. Each floor of the skyscraper will have 2 corresponding windows, which will feature depictions of life within different socio economic classes. To metaphorically outline the divide, the top floor of the tower will symbolize the upper classes, while the lowest levels will be representative of the poorest among us. We have selected a bunch of visual themes, or features of daily life, such as food, light sources, transportation, where they sleep, etc. Each of these on their respective floors will feature 30-45 second video loops of these types of images. For example, the top (4th) floor will have a chandelier, the 3rd will have a lamp, the 2nd a small light bulb, and the 1st a candle.


After discussing ideas for our project and the meet n greet, we headed into KL to the national gallery. The biennale featured artists, mostly from Malaysia and other south-eastern Asian countries. The works were about nature, tradition and history. There were a few digital installations, as well as paintings and sculptures. I enjoyed a few of the works, and included some photos of my favourites.


After a dinner, with an insane amount of skewers, we headed back to the hotel and relaxed after a long day, and began work on our presentations.


Day two, we started by seeing the E gallery, which featured work from 3rd year, and ex MMU students. These were mostly digital, interactive works. My favourite was the box that lit up with information about various KL landmarks, stadiums and buildings.

Then we were back up to the beanbag room to work on our presentations of our project ideas. Our presentation went well, and I think most of the class thought that our idea went well, and no one identified any major issues. After the presentations were done we left MMU, and then got dinner at a Korean BBQ place, with some of the Malaysian students.


Day Three was a workshop based on the idea of storytelling in a digital age. We discussed ideas about the possibilities for new forms of storytelling in modern formats, such as VR and AR, and the increasing accessibility of all forms of digital content. The conclusion of the workshop was that, regardless of the format, the concept of storytelling will always be huge part of our society and culture.




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