DMCC Week 1

Upon arriving at MMU we were introduced to the university’s participants of DMCC. We were briefed on the topic which we would have to come up with a design solution to. The theme was to be “city” and its many meanings. Knowing this, my original idea was to deliver a documentary style video with some stylized elements implemented to bring a feeling for the City. This idea was quickly replaced as I found myself in a team larger and with much more potential than originally planned.

As the team sat down and started to discuss each other’s abilities an idea for a project started to form. Hearts of Metropolitans: an experience which displays the various sides of the city relying on juxtaposition of the visuals and soundscapes of our two cities. This will include imagery of both cities in contrast with nature as well as the use of distinctive patterns interwoven into the project.

Stage 1



The visuals and sounds will be triggered on screen by a MIDI controller. It will allow the audience to experience a unique collage that symbolises Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne. This experience will be split into 4 distinctive segments:

For this project to be successful we will need to achieve some deliverables:

· Syncing sound and video together
· Overlapping of visuals upon trigger
· The size of projection for the video
· Length of the audio and video
· Creating sound elements that mixes together and is cohesive

As previously discussed my key roles within the group will be to deliver a creative and involving aural experience as well as designing interactivity into the work. Through group discussion we originally chose to implement a mix of Malaysian traditional music with Aboriginal didgeridoo playing. I created a quick mix and was pleased to find that the two complemented each other quite well although a problem quickly emerged. With the fragile relationship between aboriginal and modern culture within Melbourne it was deemed insensitive to use said mix. Although whole project is a celebration of both cultures, this is a valid argument and it is a shame that something as appropriation stops what could be.
For the interaction design of the installation we will use a MIDI controller. We will use sounds distinctive from each city and allow the public to add them to the visuals.

installation we will use a MIDI controller. We will use sounds distinctive from each city and allow the public to add them to the visuals.

Team brainstorming

Moving further into the week, we hope to complete some of the imagery and research distinctive sounds of Kuala Lumpur. We will also have to find a solution to the soundscape problem. Two options have been discussed, using a mix of Melbournian modern music with the traditional Malaysian one or the use of a more atmospheric track, relying on the users interacting via the midi controller to add a more complex feel to the track.

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