Leaping to Malaysia


After a long 8 hour flight I had finally landed in Malaysia. This is my first time coming to this country and was really excited in what Malaysia had to offer. I didn’t know what to expect while coming here but I knew it was going to be great. Even though I am here for a study abroad program and I knew I had to make the most of it.

Arriving in Cyberjaya which is the “Tech City” of Malaysia we caught up with the other students that are participating in this program (Digital Media Collaboration). The goal for this program is to work closely and to collaborate on a project with the Malaysian students from the Multimedia University in Cyberjaya. There’s about 13 of us that had arrived from RMIT University in Melbourne. Once we all got together we all came to the same conclusion that the weather was really hot and humid. As people might know I really don’t like the heat so It was a really hard time for me adjusting to this weather. After one night in settling in our spacious apartments the next day we went off to the university.

Seeing the University for the first time I received a bit of a culture shock. The building was old and we got warned not to use the elevators so there was a lot of walking up and down the stairs. It just reminded me on how lucky we are in Melbourne to have the facilities that we have. I noticed that most of the computers seemed really old and were running an outdated version of Windows, compared to the lavish Macintosh computers we use back home. Sometimes you have to wonder how lucky we really are to be living in a country like Australia.

Once we got settled in the university we met the students, teachers and mentors that were going to be working with us for the 2 weeks that we are here. They were very lovely and welcoming and knew it was going to be a lot of fun. After meeting everybody we split up into groups of 4, each student specialising in a different type of media. Our group consists of two RMIT students and two MMU students which are Ming (RMIT), Afif and Ira both which are both from MMU. Both Afif and Ira both specialise in video editing and graphic design, while Ming specialises in VR and web development as I specialise in sound design. Once we got in our groups we received our brief which was to create a Story telling project with the keyword being city. We decided to come up with a 360° Virtual Reality soundscape by creating a virtual futuristic cyber city and possibly being the only human left in this make up cyber world. You will be able to look around in this 3D virtual world with astonishing 360° sounds and a voice over narrative. Seeing as the students from MMU are in their first year of study and don’t really know much about other media types apart from graphic design.  So collaborating on this project will be quite challenging but also rewarding. My challenges for this project is creating 360° sound. Being a hip hop producer I have never worked with 7.1 surround sound so this will be difficult but exciting at the same time. Also with the time frame of 2 weeks to complete this project with a limited amount of equipment it’s going to be very challenging.

Our group consisting of Ming (RMIT) both Ira and Afif from (MMU) and I
Our group working on our project
Sketch Idea 1 for VR, Soundscape Project
Sketch idea 2 for VR, Soundscape project

When heading to the National Art Gallery in the city of Kuala Lumpur we saw a lot of amazing works of art. A lot of digital work and also a lot of paintings. There wasn’t any virtual reality or much soundscapes and that is why we thought we should create our project around that. We learnt quite a lot about the culture, the many designs the Malaysian artists have created and we really want to incorporate some sort of Malaysian culture in our project.

Artwork @ The National Gallery in Kuala Lumpur

At MMU we had a two guest speakers that basically spoke to us on how to tell a story which was very helpful for our project. It made our group refine our story from it’s natural idea to something more powerful and engaging. These two guys work at MOTIO and basically helped us out majorly! We discussed our idea to them and they seemed to really like our project and offered any assistance, if we needed any. They were very keen also in expanding their work and working together in the near future. This is why we are doing this program. To connect with people internationally, to create and maybe one day change the world!

Group Photo with Guest speakers from MOTIO
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