Trent 01

44We bagan this cross cultural, digital media collaboration with an exercise to introduce ourselves with our hopes for the unknown know of this future production written across large sheets of paper in front of ourselves. I grew to add more comical dot points of my ‘haves’ and ‘looking fors‘ as an icebreaker but with a alost dark sense of humor. After bumbling around for considerable amount of time i happened to find myself with Joseph, Theo and a local MMU student Mike. Happening to be skilled in visual effects and Mike in graphic design we fit balancing out Jo’s and Theo’s deep knowlande of sound, all assuming we wanted to produce a multi sensory interactive experience.
Stemming from Mike’s set of keyword and experience with his own KL city we agreed immediately that relative wealth inequality would be our focus, combined with our experiences of the rise of homelessness in Melbourne in recent years we could interpolate global cities being the hub for many of the worlds most vulnerable and disadvantaged.
By utilizing each our formest specialities, Sound design, Interactivity and Editing/Filming we envisioned an interactive projection on a physical key object, this being a skyscraper, representing a social or dominance hierarchy, via gradients of almost volgistic vignettes into the class structure through windows. These windows may move vertically via convection representing of the rise and fall in power hierarchies, change in size and composition based on the viewer’s perspective, and the vignettes, ‘window’ animations loops change subtly on each of the 2 faces of the building we will project onto. These 2 sides being displaying the glossed over lives of the rich and poorer and the deeper perceived reality of others lives where wealth does not alway define happiness and vise versa.
With a concept defined clearly and quickly, division of labour allocated as felt natural to our skill sets, we drew concepts and technical considerations for out first milestone presentation.

Following this we visited the KL gallery, here we experienced a selection of works, that happened to also be divided into 3 levels of perceived hierarchies, nature, humanity and spirituality. Immediately i was drawn to the first exhibit’s central message ‘If not me then who?’. This resonated with our project where a singular can obstruct a whole.

During the presentations on day 3 i was personally impressed with Mike stepping up with his complex explanations and theories based on his experiences, comparatively we are all introverts and it felt difficult slipping up in minute technicalities of a presentations while Mike was able to talk about the depth of the inequality, as the colombo plan’s gamified learning module prepared me for a harsher teaching environment without questioning or debate , both the tutors (Mentors) and students were very open to deep descutions and this was a welcome surprise.
Our storytelling workshop may have been focused on students without such experience the activities allowed time for new cross cultural learning and explorations. While also enhanced in conversation with our day mentors experience and discutons of the geopolitics of malaysia’s positions on the world stage. In conclusion our first week has been an invaluable set of experiences.



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