Blog Entry 2 – Assignment 2

In order to start generating and solidifying ideas, the Multimedia University organised 2 days of workshops hosted by speakers and lecturers who kindly took time out of their days to teach groups. The workshops that stood out as a requirement for our group was “Digital Story Telling” and “Audiovisual” as they were very informative with knowledge and had produced a vast insight on each particular subject. The workshops were useful for us to gain information and to also to get a taste of a Malaysian university environment. The “Audiovisual” performance workshop stood out as it focused on generative arts and visuals which lead to a lot of interest towards me. The passion lead by Takashi Aiman vocalized how much of care and effort he had for his skill set and works by being a visual jockey. This workshop definitely inspired me as it presented the amount of creative freedom there can be in terms of putting up a performance but yet also be a work of art.

Images from our group work for the workshop.

By being inspired by the workshops, our group were ready to get down to business with brainstorming and actually solidifying the ideas with everyone’s input and agreement. From throwing ideas onto large poster pages, scribbling out images to large-scale drawings onto whiteboards, we finally agreed on what we are going to produce. Not everything is perfect, some things may be changed or altered, but nonetheless, the end product will be something fascinating. The plan goes along the lines of using a projector that displays sceneries from Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur, where then the user is about to control overlaid generated visuals and soundscapes in order to show the different cities and cultures. “Hearts of Metropolitan” is what our project is called and the message we want to yield is that no matter where people come from all over the world, we are all the same from the inside of our hearts.

The team working hard or hardly working?

As taking interest in generative arts and visuals, I wanted to give it a go to see if I could create something in After Effects. Apart from the useful “Audiovisual” performance workshop, manually researching online prove to be successful as there are many YouTube videos that gave examples and extensive tutorials. By referencing them, I was able to produce some visual effects that would be useful for our project in terms of using them as overlays that the user can create a personal performance in the final product. However, I did run into a roadblock with my old version of After Effects where my composition view was sadly broken and wouldn’t allow me to see what I was producing. That lead to purchasing the new programs, in which is something I should have done a long time ago to maximum my creative abilities.

From my research, I found a plugin such as the Trapcode Suite and Plexus as mentioned by Takashi which are going to allow me to create such generative visual arts and effects in Affect Effects. By using these plugins and research even further, I hope to get my creative juices flowing and start producing creative visuals.

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