The “Alone” Project


Developing this project is more challenging than our group had thought. I really thought sound was going to be super easy, since my  specialisation was in this field, but as I mentioned in my first blog 3D sound was going to be a challenge. When recording the narration in the sound studio at MMU i struggled using the Reaper. Reaper is a DAW/Recording program I wasn’t familiar with. The DAW of my choice is Ableton Live. Once speaking to a few sound guys from our course they had mentioned that creating 3D sound in Ableton Live is impossible because it doesn’t support surround sound. They had mentioned to set up Pro Tools or to basically learn Reaper. Giving our due time and resources we would like on demand this is going to be difficult. It’s taken me about 5 years to learn how to use Ableton Live at an advanced level so could just imagine how long it will take to learn either one or both DAWS for just over a 1 week period. Looks like a lot of tutorials and late nights it’s going to be for me.

Trying to figure out how to use Reaper!
Ableton Live Session of the Project


As a basis I have all the sounds that will be used in our project and mapped them out correctly. Afif and Ira both from MMU had helped me in choosing the type of sounds and fx that could potentially make or break this project. Sound is an important factor and so is the Visual. After speaking to Takashi Aiman who is the founder of The Tomoe has expressed this with great passion. A bit about Takashi is that he is very experienced in audiovisual and has many works of art in different galleries. When speaking with him after the lecture he gave me some really good advice on how we should use all these different types of triggers to manipulate the visual when sound plays. This will work well with the sounds of the flickering lights and thunder sounds that will be in our project. This will also work greatly since the city we have designed is based around cyberpunk and the future.

Takashi showing us on how to set up an AudioVisual project
Lecture with Takashi Aiman
Overcoming these challenges with the group!

Speaking about the future we spoke to two lecturers from EEE Lab and they spoke a lot about AR and how AR could be used a lot in the near future. They also made us think about if we could use some sort of AR in our project. Since already working with VR we thought this might be difficult for our timeframe but could work in the future once we have more time to work on the project once we get back from Malaysia.

Now that we have the narrative recorded and the sounds have been mapped out we can now start to combine the sound production with our new 360° 3D world. After watching a few tutorials on some effects and triggers in unity we think we can come up with a initial prototype in a few days. We have done well and overcome some the challenges that have presented to us and now we can prepare for the upcoming challenges we face in the next few days.

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