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For the second half of the week, we continued to fine-tune the original idea. As we were introduced to Resolume Arena during a workshop, we have decided to include its multiple uses into the project.

Resolume is a live video jockey software, allowing for real-time visual and auditory remixes. When we implement the software, the user can select scenes or effects at will, which will allow a greater amount of interactivity. This is different from the original idea which only allowed the user to interact with the sound. As we wanted to implement the new software, the decision was made to increase the amount of visual interaction and makes the experience more interesting.

MIDI controllers paired to Resolume

In relation to the sound aspect, the idea of having a soundtrack to complement the visuals has been changed to simply having an atmospheric track and the sounds which accompany the visuals.
In the visual front, we started to explore the techniques which we will have to learn to implement into the final design. These included after effects and premiere pro effects, generative graphics, animation techniques and learning the Resolute software. We have also compiled shot from the amassed libraries of team members to start the visual editing. With most of the visual material compiled, we planed of shots to sounds as to have an idea of the field recordings which we will need to collect. These recordings will be done at distinctive parts of Kuala Lumpur such as the Batu Caves, Twin Towers, Sri Mahamariamman Temple and the Central Market.
Teamwork has been quite smooth up to this point. All team members have been contributing ideas and content to create an environment which allows for ideas to flourish.


My contribution to the project so far has been leaning towards an experimental approach and discussing which ideas and paths to follow. My work in the following week will be editing the raw audio recordings into loops, cleaning out the noise and applying effects that will enhance the overall impact of the sound. I have also compiled sounds from the Melbourne soundscape that can be used for the project. Things like crossing indicators and trams, which are typical Melbourne sounds.

Visual flow chart

On the visual side, I will be aiding with the editing and transformation of raw footage into artistic interpretations of the cities. This will include transitioning footage into clips, making clips into loop-able content and assisting in the audio-visual cohesion of the overall work.

Goals for the upcoming milestone presentation will be creating a displayable working prototype. This will include editing footage and sound into the new software. This could present problems which we are not aware exist yet, so performing this test run early allows for time for said problems to be fixed.

The recent trip into Batu caves has also given the team more ideas as how to represent Malaysia in the project. We were able to capture a variety of sounds and scenes which will greatly add to the quality and depth of the final project.

Annotated picture of the MIDI controller we plan to use
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