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Blog Post 2-Theo Hassan.


Day four in Kl. We headed back to MMU for another day of workshops. The lectures began with Takashi Aiman talking about VJ, are creative practise that is set up to compliment a DJ in a performance, with visual elements, tastefully designed to match the audio, or music in a live setting. He showed us a whole bunch of examples, and then dropped some videos into his program he was running and did some live VJ’ing. Next up were two of the AR designers from experimental entertainment experience. We spoke about Augmented Reality, and its potential uses. Many of these were still in the development stage, and many also came off as fairly futile, and unnecessary. AR has quite a way a to go before it can become truly useful in any meaningful way.


The next day was assigned time to work on our projects. We aimed to capture as much of the visual side of the project as possible. Joseph, Trent and I met mike as a train station near his house, and then went and got an early lunch. We then caught the train from Sabung to KL, to get the video footage for our projection. Since we aim to show the divide between rich and poor we needed to get images and video of a broad range of living situations and also images that can be used in a representational way, such as the KL twin towers, for a show of extreme wealth. We spent the entire day in KL compiling video that Mike is going to edit into short loops using rotoscoping and double exposure techniques to create short visual pieces to project onto the respective floors of the building. We got footage of the shopping mall below the KL towers, as well as Petaling St, and around the area of Sabung, where Mike lives. We were able to get a massive chunk of the filming done, and also got a great free tour all around KL courtesy of Mike.

Saturday we were off to the Batung Caves in the morning. We climbed the steps, with a bucket of sand (which volunteers were asked to help carry up) and saw the monkeys and took photos like typical tourists. Then we went back to KL to see more of the sights, most of which we had been to for filming the previous day. Got some dinner (dumpling soup) and went to the helipad bar which was the beginning of a night of bar-hopping.


Sunday we really got into the audio of the project. I made a start on the Ableton Live session and complied a bunch of atmospheric sounds as well as a few drum loops. I used mostly the Massive .vst to make all the synth sounds. I have a huge library and was able to throw it all together relatively quickly. During this time Joe worked on a way to get the Kinect to talk to able to interact with Ableton. This is done using a program called DP Konnect, and we can then map parameters of the Ableton set such as volume or filter, to the movement of the viewer in the room. We have a good bit of work to do getting this to run smoothly and we had a few issues but after a bit of trouble shooting we were able to get around them. 

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