Week 2 Blog Post – Mingyuan Zhang

For this week, we finalize our storyline and have the narration recording finished. Thanks to Winnie’s help on recording the narration track. Our story is based on a girl walking alone to the restaurant after work. She starts to see these little details about the city she overwatched before. She begins to realize the city is getting aged, and things are changing when nobody realized. Then she realized she is alone all the time. We want the viewers to rethink their city life. Were they rushing too much and ignoring what’s happening around? We’re they feeling lonely inside but never realize it? After discussion with Afif and Ira, we know that every city has it’s own issue. In Melbourne, it is the significant city loneliness. Here in Malaysia, people concern about judgment and sexual harassment. A male talking to random female is not appropriate behavior. Considering these issues, we decided to have a female main character. It can emphasize the feeling of insecurity of city life. We do not want to be offensive. This will not be shown in the narration. Instead, we are trying to show the insecurity with metaphor and sound effect. This is what we are going to discuss after the majority of the modelings and scenes are done.


We have our soundtrack done. Vlado did great jobs in designing the sound. It matched perfectly with our narration. And it fit the story perfectly too. I will be putting the sound with the video of the walkthrough. And we are also going to have triggered the sound effect when the viewer walks into a specific spot. We are going to present part of the soundtrack on Monday presentation.


For the modelings. I want to have the city looks like both Malaysia and Melbourne. City generator has done the majority buildings. And the featured buildings will be modeled by myself with C4D. During the night tour in KL city. I found the city has a lot of featured neon light boxes. I will put these on the scene. The challenge is I do not have previous experience in baking lights in Unity. I have found a few tutorials on neon light boxes. Hopefully, I can get it on the scene.

KL is the loneliest city I have ever been to. It is not because it is quiet. Instead, it is so crowded even in the midnight. But this is exactly why the city is the loneliest. People can see, hear and feel the crowd. If they are alone, they feel more loneliness than most other times. Even with friends, most people do is just, playing with their phones. People sitting at the same table like each other’s Instagram post.

What we want for this project, is for people who view this walkthrough. They can think about those moments in their life. They are going to recall those moments, think through it, and try to change the way they interact with other people. Starts to trust, and starts to involve.


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